yeah... yet again.. i'm going to have to bitch about the post made by damaris. i have one question for her: are you really that stupid? i honestly want that answered! moving on-
i am probably considered a racist. why? because i hate the human race as a whole. i like a few individual people.. but as a whole.. the human race is pretty fucking weak. there are way too many stupid people. that's why i try to leave the house as little as possible. because i really can't deal with the stupidity of people anymore. it's just gotten out of hand! see.. that's why i enjoy this board and rrfn. smart people to talk to. sure, i can't ever actually hang out with you, but still. i love to be able to talk to all you smart people! (all people excluding damaris that is) i'm so happy to that there are still people out there that can talk about shit other than themselves. i'm happy to be able to talk about issues in the world. see.. that's probably why me and jonathon get along so well. we both hate people, and we both like to hold intelligent conversations.
anyways.. back to being a racist.. yeah.. Gizmo- i have to totally agree with you about the black people bitching about how we oppressed them. it's like.. well.. were you ever a slave? no.. didn't think so. our fucking 16th president abolished that. and that was how long ago? yeah.. exactly. they need to stop blaming white people for their shortcomings. it's not our fault that bad shit happens to you. and yeah.. i agree with whoever it was that said "it's not like they hopped on a boat back to africa." excellent point.

another thing: maybe WE should be pissed at the black people. they're the ones that brought AIDS over here. those fuckers! and if you ask me.. the spreading of AIDS is a lot worse of a crime than being a slave owner. fuck them! dammit! now i'm pissed!

alright.. i can't remember who posted about this.. but someone mentioned how women don't just want equality.. they want superiority. i can't agree with you more! i'm a girl and i'm saying this. FEMINISM IS TOTAL BULLSHIT! it gives cool girls like me a bad name dammit! i HATE it when i see women on tv saying we don't need men.. wtf are they talking about? i sure as hell need men! maybe if you're a dike you don't need em.. but fuck! i LOVE men! i'm more than happy to have em around me. plus, they are a lot cooler than women are. seriously.. girls are usually backstabbing little bitches. guys are just fun and easy going. and women are in NO way superior to men. as far as i'm concerned.. men are better at somethings than women are.. and vice versa. but everything equals out. arghh.. now i'm pissed even more! i hate femiNAZIS. they should all be killed.. by men! hehehe..

fleshy [satan]
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"