hell year you're right fleshy, i'll have to agree with you that i think too the black people brought AIDS here, that fucken worst desease ever.
I mean now a lots of people through the word have AIDS and it's spreading all the time more unfortunately even though some experts have find some possiable medicines which they think later could possiable cure AIDS but hell, i hope AIDS will get to all of ya'll who really deserve that shit, coz as fleshy said that' fuckin thing is worst than a crime, it's a war on life. Now i'm pissed too, huh too many stupid people, too many stupid shit.. ya know what ? i wish i was born a DOG, i love dogs and i really wish i was born one coz at least i wouldn't know about these kinda stupid people and stuff like that.

DaMaRiS do u have a masters degree in bullshiting maybe ?!?

+^Born Intelligence