Heh, I was looking through some old files and I found the port scanner I made ages ago, must have been about a year, anyways, I don't think I showed many people, if anyone wants to download it the links are below. I'm sure it has a gazillion bugs, but it might be of use. It's not that bad actually for one of the first things I programmed. If you find bugs or if you find it usefull at all, post here and maybe i'll fix it up and place it somewhere permanent to download.

If you already have winsock installed download this:


If you don't have winsock installed download this:


Yeah, they are different versions I believe, too lazy to make an installer for 1.1 so if you can, try to get winsock installed some other way and download the 1.1 version cause it has some newer features and bugs fixed. I even have winsock on the server already I realized, but you'll have to read somewhere how to get in installed properly:

Cha want some w***up?