hrmm.. so.. being homosexual is wrong huh? why? maybe people think being mexican is wrong... ever think about that one? ya know what a mexican is don't you? when the spanish came over to north america a long long time ago, all the guys were horny sluts. so, they humped the indians (aztecs, incans,mayans) and what was produced? mexicans. a lot of people would think that's wrong because they weren't the same race yet they were doing it. so, don't sit here and judge people you know nothing about. they are just everyone else, they just happen to prefer company of the same sex. personally, i think there is nothing wrong with that. with the way the world is now a days, if you are lucky enough to find ANY one you can connect with, be it a man with a man, or a woman with a woman, then you're a lot better off then a lot people.

as for all the bible talk: hrmm.. i ask you this: how can you base your opinions on a book, written by man, NOT GOD. how can you make your opinions based upon a religious book that claims to be the end all be all of religions? did you know that there are lots more religions out there? so, if your bible is correct, then every other religion in the world would end up being bullshit.. which they'r not. most of em have a lot better beliefs than christianity. maybe you should read up on some of the other religions of the world. then maybe you'll see that the bible is bullshit

"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"