originally posted by.. you guessed it. damaris:
gay people are wrong Mexicans are a mix and u are right and Native Americans were whores but being Mexican is a race not ur sexual orientation being Gay is wrong and sinful and there all gonna burn in hell!
ok. you're missing my point here. a lot of religious people think that sex between people of different races is a sin. i was saying that Mexicans are a result of Spainards and the ancient Indians from central/south america. so, that would mean the your entire race of people were created by sinning.

something else.. isn't one of your ten comandments "though shalt not have other Gods before me" or some crap like that? so.. it's speaking against idolatry. now, mind you, i've never been in a gang... but.. isn't there usually someone who is kind of like the leader? and you have to do what they say, and they make the rules. that means you live your life by their code. yet, that takes away from you living your life by God's code. that means, you are putting someone else's rules before God's. That's a sin. and you're going to burn in hell for that!

now, i don't actually believe any of that crap about the ten commandments, sins and burning in hell. i was just trying to show her that anything can be considered a sin if you really try hard enough.

and as for gay people.. who gives a fuck? you don't have to be gay. it really doesn't ruin your life is some guy takes it in the ass from another guy. at least they're happy. which is something you'll never be if you base your life/opinions on book. (bible)

just think.. the majority of people in this country decided to choose a different book to live by. hrmm.. what if we chose Mein Kampf? would you still be quoting it and basing your life upon it? i doubt it. and that book was written a genious. who was the bible written by? who the fuck knows. blahhh.. i can't talk about bible/religious crap anymore. i get too frustrated

hrmm.. maybe damaris should read something by Nietzche. not that she even knows who that is... but it may help her to see the bible/religion in a different light!

"god is dead." -Nietzche

seig heil!

"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"