Originally posted by DaMaRiS:
y should 1 person cahnge ur mind blackpimp and i am not for Spain ok and look u cant get along with any Spanish person if u have that attitude
didn't you know that the attitude changes a lot depending on the person you're using it on. I do have relations with spanish people, i even had a spanish gf once.. so dont you wory on my attitude, but i really would suggest you watch yours eh, and start thinking twice before you say any other stupid word.

Originally posted by Gizmo:
BP, you can't compaire a mexican to a spaniard... Mexicans are fuckin terrable compaired to them... Most of the people in the US hate mexicans but don't mind too much else...
Giz i wasn't kinda comparin you know, i just said i love spanish people a lot, and i dunno about mexicans how they are and so on.. never knew any of them and now after i read your post i bet i don't wanna meet any of them..
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