this about rascism is all messed up from the very first moment a white person met an black person. they saw differenses that wore'nt even there and by the time one race looked at it self as more superior and was a better creature/human.
if you think about it was the white people that started racsism(stupid fucks) and enslaved the black people(kind of hitlers sight on jews).
but now days some white people still looks that way on the black people and the black people looks at the white people as if they still are evil and that the blacks should get "repayment" but the major people don't look strange at white or blacks.

what i'm trying to say is that the sight of white/black people got missunderstood and fucked up already from the start.
and that some white people keep on with racism even though lots of black people don't look strange at whites.
and that some black people is continuing with their sight on whites and need to fight back the system.

summing-up: The whites did start the racsism nor or less, the blacks are continuing the racism in one sort of way.

this msg won't be understood by many of you readers. i apologise for this fucked up formulation. if i hade formulated it in another way i'm sure you would have understood what i meant. Sorry again...