lol, you and multiposting...

(btw, when i said looks nice i meant it kicks ass)

Most of that could be done in html and javascript, with php and mysql to handle things that need to be dynamic or seperable.

I don't I am not sure what alot of that is. If there is news, (lol I am still trying to tell) then that could all be mysql stuff that a php scripts pulls and puts up. This looks alot like a PHPnuke site, with a little bit different of a layout. The different sectons in there like Quicklinks and Update could just be done with tables and have php fill it in with content that could be in a mysql database.

I'm not sure how much you know about html and such since this is all images, but if you don't know much about it, then i think you should read up on..

CSS (cascading style sheets), these are used to make all the text be the same font and color and all the pages that use it have the same background and link color rollovers and all that. It makes it so all you have to do is call on the style sheet from each page you want to use it on, and then all those pages will have that style. Then, if you decide you like Arial better than Verdana or something, you only have to change one thing, then all those pages change.

Tables, these are used for alignment alot but can be used for looks too. You can decide how big of a border you want, the spacing between cells and bgcolor and all that.

Hrm, there was gonna be more I think but I can't think of anything else. It would take me a long time to make a design like that coding it all, not just because there is so much but figuring it out and getting it right.

I lost track of what I was saying because i am playing with the iframe giz has going...