Immediate Consumer Electronics, Gaming & Multimedia Jobs include:

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(1) Sr. Graphics Programmer (aka Engine Programmer)

(2) OpenGL and JOGL Software Programming Guru

(3) Software Test Developer

(4) Server Side Software Engineer

(5) Systems Architect/Systems Engineer

Alternatively, if there�s a scenario that could entice you to consider a new job, feel free to send your resume over and describe it. We'd love to learn about your interests!

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Nerd Up Hi Tech & Executive Placement

(1) Sr. Graphics Programmer (aka Engine Programmer)

Responsible for the low-level graphics implementation for patented, soon-to-be-in-your-own-home, exciting line of innovative interactive TV applications. Design and implement graphics and font rendering systems on numerous platforms. Optimize rendering engine for size and performance. Experience in the video game industry is highly desirable.

o Minimum 10 years software development experience in C/C++
o Professional experience with assembly language programming
o Working knowledge of multiple graphics chips
o Image blitting algorithms
o Image compositing
o X86 assembler optimization
o Real-time in-memory image compression
o Real-time sprite animation
o Color representation and conversions
o Affine transformations
o Font representation, placement and rendering algorithms

(2) OpenGL and JOGL Software Programming Guru

Bright, creative, and enthusiastic software developer to contribute to the development of a sophisticated consumer electronics paradigm that consists of a complex end-to-end system (client-server architecture) with real-time constraints that is to be deployed in a multitude of network architectures.

The client side consists of a presentation engine and services that enable the building of sophisticated multimedia applications.

o Minimum 2 years professional software development experience in an objected-oriented language (C++, C#, Java)
o Object-oriented design skills (e.g. Design Patterns)
o Master�s or Bachelors in CS, Computer Engineering or related
o Java
o Experience with J2ME (cell phones etc.)
o Experience developing on Linux systems
o Familiarity with Linux internals
o Graphic rendering (OpenGL, JOGL)
o XML processing and Web services

o DirectX and DirectShow nice to have, but not required.

(3) Software Test Developer

Develop automated programs to test consumer electronics/multimedia games). Design and develop an automated test suite to test multimedia consumer electronics systems. Must be adept at understanding complex distributed software systems. Extremely proficient with scripting languages such as Perl, Python, Tcl/TK, etc.

Develop software using higher-level languages such as Java, C++, C#. Structure unit test level automation as well as test scripts that manipulate and validate the GUI framework. Develop testing algorithms to stress and load test the system. You should not be afraid of using and developing tools.

(4) Server Side Software Engineer

Strong in deployment considerations (security, load balancing, failover).

Experience with large scale commercial deployment of web servers. Contribute to the software development of the server. Server software components are developed in Java and it is important that the person has experience with developing distributed client-server systems. Collaborate with server team on software and system architecture, and develop Java-based software through its full life cycle (design, code, and implementation). Optimize performance in different operational environments. Interface with database systems and contribute to the data model.

o Minimum 3 years professional software development experience in an objected-oriented language (C++, C#, Java) (Note: Java is not a hard requirement)
o Object-oriented design skills (e.g. Design Patterns)
o Experience using technologies including J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, XML/XSLT, and Web Services (SOAP and WSDL)
o Lucene, Spring, Hiberate, ANTLR
o Relational databases such as Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL (more varied the better)
o Familiarity with different application servers
o Experience operating database in a secure environment

Strong background with real-time systems design. Experience as a systems architect for hardware/software systems is a must.

(5) Systems Architect/Systems Engineer

Work with marketing to develop and document feature requirements. Decompose feature requirements into system functional requirements and supplementary requirements (performance, usability, etc.)

o Architectural design of the end-to-end system
o Modeling of performance characteristics (MIPS, memory, bandwidth, latency, etc.)
o Knowledge of communication and networking protocols and distributed software architectures

Required Experience

o Minimum 5 years relevant professional experience
o Experience as a systems architect for complex hardware/software systems with real-time constraints
o Experience with distributed systems

Desirable Qualifications

o Software engineering background
o Strong mathematical skills
o Experience in the consumer electronics or cable industry
o Interest in multimedia and entertainment

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Contact: Julie Hilzenrath
Email: [email protected]
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