I suppose if I was to make an opinion:

1) The design is fine, doesn't matter a wit to me as long as it looks nice.
2) The kbase could stand to have newer content - but the old content doesn't have to go.
3) The only thing I may consider a problem is that we don't have enough knowledgeable users in enough areas. The programming forums practically rot cause only a precious few codes.
4) Another minor thing which I am guilty of as well - is that those who ARE knowledgeable just waits for people to ask questions to spread the love. They don't volunteer with lectures and stuff. And on THIS I do have a suggestion for a solution. A pole will go up every week with a list of possible topics. The topic is chosen, and somebody volunteers to have the lecture. This lecture will NOT be held in the IRC - that is inefficient. Instead they will lecture in a new 'lecture' forum where they may answer people's questions and stuff.
5) flamers and newbies have always been here and will always be - and I have no problem with that.

The problem is in the people and in the content of the site. The design doesn't matter a bit.
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