Ok, I'm playing with MySQL (I don't know it for my life), I believe I have this down right (it's my first time doin this so feel free to tear it apart) but it won't work, anyone have any ideas?

CREATE TABLE applications ( 
	name varchar(20), 
	nick varchar(20), 
	telephone varchar(50), 
	cellular varchar(50), 
	date varchar(20), 
	chance varchar(4), 
	complete varchar(4), 
	address varchar(50), 
	citystzip varchar(75), 
	age varchar(4), 
	email varchar(75), 
	aim varchar(20), 
	irc varchar(20), 
	ubb varchar(20), 
	username varchar(20), 
	password varchar(20), 
        sections varchar(100), 
	yob varchar(4), 
	admin varchar(4), 
	staff varchar(4), 
	wantadmin varchar(4), 
	wantmod varchar(4), 
	wantnews varchar(4), 
	wasadmin varchar(4), 
	wasmod varchar(4), 
	wasnews varchar(4), 
	notes varchar(255),
	id int(4) NOT NULL auto_increment, 
	UNIQUE id (id)
PHP Page:

$db = mysql_connect("localhost", "[user]", "[pass]");
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM applications",$db);
printf("Name %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"name"));
printf("Nick %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"nick"));
printf("Telephone %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"telephone"));
printf("Cellular %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"cellular"));
printf("Date %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"date"));
printf("Chance %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"chance"));
printf("Complete %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"complete"));
printf("Address %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"address"));
printf("City, ST, Zip %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"citystzip"));
printf("Age %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"age"));
printf("E-Mail %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"email"));
printf("AIM %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"aim"));
printf("IRC %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"irc"));
printf("UBB %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"ubb"));
printf("Username %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"username"));
printf("Password %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"password"));
printf("Sections %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"sections"));
printf("Birth Year %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"yob"));
printf("Admin %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"admin"));
printf("Staff %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"staff"));
printf("Wants Admin %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"wantadmin"));
printf("Wants Mod %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"wantmod"));
printf("Wants News %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"wantnews"));
printf("Was Admin %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"wasadmin"));
printf("Was Mod %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"wasmod"));
printf("Was News %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"wasnews"));
printf("Notes %s
\n", mysql_result($result,0,"notes"));
I just want it to load the data in the db so that i can play around, but it keeps 500 erroring on me ...

FYI, yes, this is for the application system, eventually anyway lol...

*sorry Having to scroll was bugging me. §in_tax *
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