I think that inline video will be popular the way flash is popular now. Higher quality everything. I doubt there will be a low version of any website, because creating a page big enough to be heavy on your bandwidth would be hard without adding in extra shit you don't need or cluttering the page up til people mistake it for an encyclopedia.

I don't think things will change a whole lot though, because there isn't much reason for your pages to be more than 2 megs, I think that mostly sites will have larger download archives (and web hosts will offer more space and bandwidth).

Take Google for example, now it is acceptable to have a larger page since dial-up isn't considered the norm, yet they keep it simple. Of course, there will still be sites that offer massive graphic layouts. I just think that after so much, it isn't necessary.

I don't think there is any reason to increase the speed after this, except for you people downloading 40 gigs of mp3's right now. And 200 gigs of porn, yes, 200.