Well, I usually run it on Unix too... See, with PHP offering ISAPI support in 2k, it means that all the open source e-com solutions written in PHP are suddenly coming available on 2k. You cound do PHP as an Apache mod or as CGI in IIS before, but the performance would never compare to running PHP on a Unix platform.

SO, long story short, if I can get it working right, I'm gonna port in a bunch of PHP e-com stuff and then sell installation and maintenance services to web administrators for a pretty penny ;.) Tons of 2k admins in the business that are too lazy to learn Unix, too stupid to write their own e-com packages using the new .NET framework from Microshaft, but with enough money behind them to pay for stupidly expensive closed-source e-com solutions. I want to be able to take some of that money without developping my own packages in ASP.NET.

But, apparently, I'm too stupid to get it to work =/