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it sounds like you used somebody else's code and it said that it was unregistered. However, it's hard to say when we can't see the code. Show it to us sonny.

I guarantee a solution!
1 problem, There is 3 main files with all the code.

"sample.html" which basically is just an html doc w/ my menu images

ps. how can i post some of the code because UGN Security doesn't allow for html tags or anything like that.

"sample_data.js" which is all my menu & sub menu configs and some sub menu costomization options.

"dqm_script.js" About 1 page of nothing but code. lots of "if bla bla bla then" type stuff.

The other .js files are all the Ie, moz, Ns files so it works in multiple browsers.

my guess would be that you'de like "dqm_script.js" and possibly one of the web browser files? Let me know.

ps. if you can crack it, i'll ummm...i dunno, paypal $10? lol

pss. How can I post the code because UGN Security doesn't allow HTML tags?