I need a very simple, (and very cheap) one page, pure html template that would be themed around military truck driving, i.e. Army semi trucks in the Iraqi desert.

I'm a US Army web designer putting together a site for the Army, but I'm using my funds for the template as I'm not a great designer/artist, my specialty is scoring well in the search engines as well as writing content. This site will be the only presence on the web for military transport. I expect this site to get tons of traffic as military transport jobs are becoming the most needed in the war on terrorism and a ton of other sites are going to want to link to me, including official US Army sites.

If you can help me, in addition to buying the template if the price is right, I'll be glad to give you a link back. I expect the PR and traffic on this site to be fantastic.

Please let me know if you can do anything for me.

Thank you.

Sgt. Stacy Foster
US Army Iraq
--Sgt. Foster