lol. yeah i would like it to be compatible for everyone, but if it looks good to me, then i am fine with it. If they don't know why it doesn't work right for them, then I am not worried about them seeing it. And anyone else will do what they need to anyways. Good advice, I just don't wanna worry about making a design that works well on all browsers.

I tried using Mozilla (not for looking at the site). I hated mozilla. I was gonna try Opera, but i saw it has a big banner in the top. I like IE (screw netscape) the best so far, and one big reason is because I can have all my toolbars on one level. I hate having all this crap in the way of the site I am looking at.

lol, i also just realized though i can get a topic about me being an html god, i still have a 1 star rating.