I'm trying to get a grip on what it is you're saying.

C:\>nslookup www.testosteronekills.com
Server:  ns02.gillst01.ar.comcast.net

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    www.testosteronekills.com
That seems to work just fine. tracert works fine. ping works fine. And as for accessing the website via IP - this is no good. A single IP may host multiple websites, and if there is no website configured for a raw IP, then you get nothing.

"testosteronekills.com" however does not have an IP address associated with it. So it doesn't work. Think of it as a completely different domain from the http://www.testosteronekill.com and it makes sense that one would work while the other doesn't. I consider this bad DNS configuration though. You should provide an IP for the root domain identical to the www domain.
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