the more she pisses me off, the more i wanna rape her......

BP, the next president will not be black.

BS, a black guy was in consideation for being a presidential canidate in one of the last few elections, ill try to find his name

cybernerd, if that was true, dont you think some black guy in politics right now would be killed? the KKK is still something like 50000 strong but the anti-KKK is a lot more powerful. but imagine what would happen if a black president was hit. it would be chaos. a race war might errupt. charles mansons proficy would come true...crazyness.

damaris, the average ages in ganges is low...something like 15 or 16. the vast majority off all gang members are between ages 10-24. of corse most dont ever do shit. some just get high. its one of those pathetic middle school things.