well, if some delete-happy fricker would stop deleting posts I might be able to read what you said before to get a better idea what you were talking about.

But anyway... *grumble*... yes, you can run a dissassembler and do exactly as you said. But the fact remains - it's NOT useful! NO program out there runs and deletes itself! This is what they do instead:

* Place Program1 on your desktop, and execute it.
* Program1 copies itself to another location and names itself Program2
* Program1 then terminates
* Program2 then deletes Program1 and may continue running

(to hide oneself from task monitors you may execute your program in another program's address space - I have no idea how this is done - but it has been)

From the user's point of view, the program is running and had deleted itself - but that is not the case. Windows will not allow this cause IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!!! It's infuriating cause I'm one to believe that nothing is impossible, but that is so against how everything is setup. Windows is what passes the program code to the processor. Windows is what juggles all the running processes around in the processor and memory - giving each program a certain priority level in how often it's code is run in that processor. Windows is in control, and all programs must adhere to its rules or it won't work! This is how all operating systems work. For a program to rest control away from windows and to run completely on its own and only FROM memory... I just don't see the point. Until I see how this can be useful - and possible - I refuse to consider for another moment that this can be done.

So, you can't make that utility cause it would have no purpose.
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