Heh, look up at the very first post I made in this topic. I said THERE that the entire program is not loaded into memory. I guess I just have to remember to repeat myself.
Oops, you did say it in your first post! I must have forgotten.
Hey buddy, we're both learning stuff here.
Yeah. I just learned that the deleted posts in this thread are still viewable. When you go to post, scroll down. You can see the posts I made!
Aaah, yes, finally got a bit of humility out of ya - and without completely debasing yourself, good. heh, I was kidding before - I am not doubting your intelligence. All I've got up on ya is more reading - more knowledge. You've got the right kind of mind to get far.

How old are ya anyway?
Contrary to what someone said in a previous post in another one of my threads, I'm not a kid. I'm 20.