Iím not an opium/drug user, however my friend (this isnít one of those "I got a friend who" dumb ass stories) who's one of those Goths that dressís all gothic but arenít gothic at all in any other way, when he was 15 he use to get high allot (weed) and drink allot, but since he's gothic he tries gothic shit, he bought a bottle of absence off the net someplace and got pretty fucked for awhile, I was with him once when he did it, he had a sugar cube and some kind of poison that you drop on the sugar cube then light it on fire etc, he was into 1700's crap and started dressing like it, and he bought some heroin poppy seeds off the net, planted them and kept talking about how long it was taking for them to grow, then months later ( like 6 months) they were finally ready and he harvested the sap or whatever the hell that white stuff is that oozeís out of the pods or bulbs whatever you call them, he pretty much passed out, and kept talking about his dreams etc, I havenít talked to the guy since I moved, but this is what I know first hand about opium. The End

P.S- I condensed about three years into this paragraph, so the dates might not be all that accurate,
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