How fucked up were you when you wrote that griffon? So fucked up you can't even write in english? Experimenting with drugs is fine. Drugs are bad for you. No shit, so is eating red meat, drinking, having sex, caffiene, sugar, basically anything that you would get enjoyment out of life will have some downside. True a lot of people that use drugs are messed up, but there's something else wrong with them besides their drug problem that led to their experimentation becoming a "drug problem". Living life in excess of anything can shorten your life if your not careful. Smoke a fucking joint, drink a beer, do a line, drop some acid, and fuck every girl you can or you can just live a sheltered life and lock yourself in your room to afraid to try anything new. You can live a long boring life or a fun short one. I chose somewhere in the middle. Im not saying you should change anything about yourself, by all means no.What I am saying is: who the fuck are you to pass judgement on anyone else?