hmm, ok, Chem just posted a response with no content. anyway, Griffon, I can relate to you man. Except im a bit older than 12, but onto the story. See, us teens, are very scared of drugs. Why? Because of all those DARE classes and drug talks we had in elementary skool and middle skool and so on and so forth. So we are afraid to go anywhere near the stuff. Those people told us that we could die just by taking one drug. So you see how the entire government(in which not one of the politicians has ever commited a crime or taken drugs[except Clinton, that bastard], ever) has swayed you to their point of view. Now being down with the government is not cool. Your point in life is to be cool. Therefore the right thing to do is drugs. That would make you very anti-government and l33t right?

Just think on it...(dude, sin, pass the joint you greedy bastard)

Oh yeah, fleshy, i was gonna respond to this other post but it would be gay cause sum was getting really pissed at people, anyway, you wanna kiss my ass? hehe, /me wanders off aimlessly