Bah, that's not necessarily being scared cause of DARE and stuff. But sure, that has a big part. One thing you might try some time is just to go hang out with some friends that are smokin weed or somethin. You'll see that it doesn't kill them, they're you're friends thus not "losers," and you might see that it's not so bad. I'm not saying you should go try anything, it's of course completely up to you. The whole point is that you should make up your own mind about something and live life like you want to.

Yo dash, there's nothing wrong with being down with the government. It all depends on who's in office and what you think the government should do for the country. Just because of my own views, I think the government's screwy whenever a democrat is Pres, and has great potential when a Republican is in. Of course, that's very broad, because sometimes the Democrats to stuff I like and the Republicans do something I don't like. But it all goes back to thinking for yourself, and if you like whoever's running the country at the moment it's all good.