i edited out our screennames but hers is |edited| and mine is -me-

|edited| (9:13:31 PM): wait but who are you ?
|edited| (9:13:32 PM): lol
-me- (9:13:43 PM): one of dp's friends
|edited| (9:14:03 PM): yea .. i knew that .. but ahh..NaMe hehe
-me- (9:14:08 PM): lol
-me- (9:14:13 PM): this is Cold Sunn
|edited| (9:14:24 PM): i dont want ur freaken hacker name
|edited| (9:14:26 PM): lol
-me- (9:14:30 PM): haha
-me- (9:14:37 PM): well i didn't tell him any more than that
|edited| (9:14:54 PM): fine then !
|edited| (9:14:55 PM): lol
-me- (9:14:57 PM): i am sure he knows my real one by now though
-me- (9:15:35 PM): just call me cs if you ever need to call me anything
-me- (9:15:38 PM): or something
|edited| (9:16:18 PM): ok cs .. well u ken call me .. rs if you need to call me ne thing .. wait you kno my name dont you?
-me- (9:16:36 PM): yeah
-me- (9:16:44 PM): your his girlfriend right?
|edited| (9:16:51 PM): yupz
-me- (9:16:55 PM): ah
-me- (9:16:59 PM): yeah i know your name then
|edited| (9:17:06 PM): what is it then?
-me- (9:17:25 PM): sarah right?
-me- (9:17:30 PM): the blonde girl?
|edited| (9:17:31 PM): NO
-me- (9:17:37 PM): oh shit..
|edited| (9:17:40 PM): omg
|edited| (9:17:53 PM): is ther sum1 i dont kno about!? wtf!

fun times...whooo <img src=" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" />