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#20731 - 06/07/02 06:29 PM messing with dp's "girlfriend"
Cold Sunn Offline

Registered: 03/03/02
Posts: 574
Loc: us
i edited out our screennames but hers is |edited| and mine is -me-

|edited| (9:13:31 PM): wait but who are you ?
|edited| (9:13:32 PM): lol
-me- (9:13:43 PM): one of dp's friends
|edited| (9:14:03 PM): yea .. i knew that .. but ahh..NaMe hehe
-me- (9:14:08 PM): lol
-me- (9:14:13 PM): this is Cold Sunn
|edited| (9:14:24 PM): i dont want ur freaken hacker name
|edited| (9:14:26 PM): lol
-me- (9:14:30 PM): haha
-me- (9:14:37 PM): well i didn't tell him any more than that
|edited| (9:14:54 PM): fine then !
|edited| (9:14:55 PM): lol
-me- (9:14:57 PM): i am sure he knows my real one by now though
-me- (9:15:35 PM): just call me cs if you ever need to call me anything
-me- (9:15:38 PM): or something
|edited| (9:16:18 PM): ok cs .. well u ken call me .. rs if you need to call me ne thing .. wait you kno my name dont you?
-me- (9:16:36 PM): yeah
-me- (9:16:44 PM): your his girlfriend right?
|edited| (9:16:51 PM): yupz
-me- (9:16:55 PM): ah
-me- (9:16:59 PM): yeah i know your name then
|edited| (9:17:06 PM): what is it then?
-me- (9:17:25 PM): sarah right?
-me- (9:17:30 PM): the blonde girl?
|edited| (9:17:31 PM): NO
-me- (9:17:37 PM): oh shit..
|edited| (9:17:40 PM): omg
|edited| (9:17:53 PM): is ther sum1 i dont kno about!? wtf!

fun times...whooo <img src=" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" />

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#20732 - 06/07/02 09:16 PM Re: messing with dp's "girlfriend"
Curse Offline

Enforcement Admin

Registered: 03/04/02
Posts: 533
Loc: San Andreas
I have fucked with her so many times, lol...

Curse (10:16:31 PM): oy
Her (10:16:39 PM): hey!!!!!!!!!!!
Curse (10:16:47 PM): HAI !!!!!!
Curse (10:22:03 PM): who are you?
Her (10:52:36 PM): im Rachael..
Curse (10:53:37 PM): you're jewish, right?
Her (10:53:42 PM): NO!
Her (10:54:18 PM): why would u say im jewish?
Curse (10:55:12 PM): DP said you were, we were talking about how well jew chicks give head, and he said his g/f is jewish, then he sent us your pic and we agreed...
Her (11:01:36 PM): im not jewish! i look jewish?
Her (11:01:39 PM): are you serious?
Her (11:01:40 PM): omg!
Curse (11:02:19 PM): do you have a newer pic besides the one when you are bending over towards the camera?
Her (11:02:27 PM): you don't have to be jewish to give hed
Her (11:03:14 PM): yea omg that one is 4rm like a year or more ago .. i dont even look liek that ne more
Her (11:03:17 PM): hodl up
Her (11:03:19 PM): hold**
Her (11:09:10 PM): ok .. im scanning sum "newer" pictures .. that still not that recent .. actaully i just brought sum in today to get developed so .. by the end of the week i should have more!
Curse (11:09:19 PM): ok
Her (11:09:29 PM): .. but i don't loook at all jewish!
Her (11:11:18 PM): okay well my scanner is fucked up! it keepz sayen i need more memory or sumthing tpo scan ..
Curse (11:11:51 PM): uh huh...
Her (11:12:01 PM): uh huh .. what?!
Curse (11:12:39 PM): uh huh, no what
Her (11:13:22 PM): well w/e .. i*m g2 go call i'll ttyl .. whatz ur e-mail address?!..cuz i'll send u my pic when my scanner is worken..k?!
Curse (11:13:47 PM): curse@*Edited*.com
Her (11:14:36 PM): whatz ur name?j/w...
Curse (11:14:45 PM): Malcom
Her (11:14:54 PM): oh okay well ttyl..
Curse (11:14:57 PM): bye


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