unreal, yea, I'm...heh...kinda shy, and clumsy irl. Unless I'm comfortable, or drunk, then I feel like water, or laughing gas. Like smooth moving, fluid, or light, gassy, airy, and all I dunno I get this energy then go with it. It's when my humor comes out of the cave, and starts biting people. which is cool because I like biting. liek health wise, I stopped smoking 2 weeks 5 days or something ago, and everything that is me is off charts. scaling from the times I've tried before, this time I have no problems, little cravings, it's scaled about 50% over who I usually am. That, and I lost 80 pounds a year ago sok liek I'm ok..I guess. Issues, heh everyone's got, liek, I know they make ppl who they are, but imo it makes ppl better to have issues. It's liek perfect, sucks, ppl who are perfect have made issues, and problems that's always seen. Imperfection in it's ways is perfection, each imperfect puzzle piece making a knotch in who someone is, kinda like making a canoe out of wood. I kinda think about movies like fight club, donnie darko, funny as it seems...gone with the wind, stuff liek that different abstract feelings when I try to perceive love. To me it's like childlike, and yet aggressively passionate. I love you too sam. And I love sammy, moguai, santa, cartoon makers, the ppl that bottle orangina, also that package cote d'or noir chocolate, and Thundercats Esp Liono HE'S MUH HERO! I have much love for people that are free, yet bound. It's a hard thing to bare in life.

I decided that I'd make a list of some more "Hot Chicks", since this is the thread, see if ppl wanted to still continue on that level, or the newly acquired topic of forms of beauty. So yar...

in no particular order, some physically attractive, funny, artistic, actress skilled, weird, crazy, and sometimes sizzling

psychi's/personas. All said attributes evenly distributed among said females.

mischa barton, jennifer garner, amy west, angelica bridges, darva conger, shakira, charlize theron,
kyle minogue, kate hudson, mischa barton, jennifer walcott, keira knightly, jessica simpson,
willa ford, maggie gyllenhaal.

Liek, I'd guess if were talking physical attraction here, bliss, and lust. Which is also personified in other forms then physics. Then I'd have to say that blue, brown, and green eyes are hot. With this twinkle that some women have, it's a refraction of light maybe, maybe more. Brown hair, black hair, blonde hair, red hair. Meh, hair is hair, highlights are hot, a Asian color pearl hair is hot. Red heads are said to have fire(heh I'm half red/half brown), blondes are said to have all the fun, brunettes's are said to be fun in bed, and raven haired people to be mysterious lovers. But really this is a multi-gender thing, I think I've probably read all these attributes all over, for both sexs. I guess it really applies to taste, and such.

In the real, a sense of humor, being funny, loose(liek relaxed, laid back(not that way)), keeping yourself in good shape(somehow this got twisted into being skinny, having implants, getting liposuction, all that shit, when in fact it's not), for me a good taste in food, and drinks like wine, beer, liquor. Shit there's alot of attributes liek this that are the real hotness infact in any woman's ...well the way she is for real. When people are just themselves, and such not always worrying. But not being too far over that line of ...I guess ....well there's not a name for it. A woman can be social, or not, sexy all the time, or only when it matters to both indeed. It really doesn't matter, and yet it does. Hmm hence why the answer everyone is looking for only brings more questions. In any situation.

Excuse the mis-spells please, my dyslexcia is bad tonight, and some of the words I use don't always show up in the spellchecker. Some I spell wrong on purpose because this is the net...and I use jargon online.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"