whoa, jon...since when was mulholland drive an action movie? well, if by action you mean lesbian porn...yeah, i guess i could see it =P god, i can't believe nobody mentioned ghostbusters. or "we were soldiers". boondock saints was a great movie, but it sucks it wasn't in theaters b/c of all those psycho kids. speaking of psycho though, i'm a horror movie buff, so you'd have to add halloween and scream to my list...as well as, of course psycho(the original). i like it when the killer acts sane, but underneath it all can kill easily. or in the case of halloween, just a classic slasher flick. session 9 was really good too. as well as silence of the lambs. (first it rubs the lotion...) i'd say more, but this post would be a page long. and of course the action type films...like the matrix, or the net, star wars saga. i suppose the terminator would be here as well. saving private ryan and gettysburg were great war movies as well. comedy...there's something about mary, fish called wanda, wayne's world, army of darkness, princess bride (shut up), not sure if the royal tennenbaums would go here or drama...but in any case...drama: almost famous, i guess would go here. i'd also put mulholland drive in this category. and perhaps memento. and cool hand luke. btw, anyone who hasn't seen cool hand luke, definitly should. but i digress. favorite movie of all time: halloween/scream. they may not be the "best" movies....but they are my favorites. in fact, i think i'll go watch both of them right now.//
Unbodied unsouled unheard unseen
Let the gift be grown in the time to call our own
Truth is natural like a wind that blows
Follow the direction no matter where it goes
Let the truth blow like a hurricane through me