I went in an Msn chat room with mtlhed, found myself bored, then a question popped up from a particular user, then the convesation began..

sweetheart66890 : is that really u?
Deviation187 : who be who?
sweetheart66890 : your pic?
sweetheart66890 : is that really you?
Deviation187 : oh
Deviation187 : no..
Deviation187 : haha
Deviation187 : no yes it is..
Deviation187 : its me
Deviation187 : i hacked a computer and went to jail
Deviation187 : too bad for me
Deviation187 : waa waa
sweetheart66890 : your fucking retarted
Deviation187 : yeha pretty much
Deviation187 : i got gang raped
Deviation187 : it was fun
sweetheart66890 : you wish
sweetheart66890 : you can't rape the willing
sweetheart66890 : sorry
Deviation187 : yeah, i hacked into a goverment web site, and was montitored so they rushed in my house and took me to jail..
sweetheart66890 : you are so funny
sweetheart66890 : not really
Deviation187 : this is my hacker name
Deviation187 : im even on a news article if u dont believe me
Deviation187 : http://strangereports.com/hackerv.php?fname=Deviation187
Deviation187 : go see..
sweetheart66890 : thats ok
sweetheart66890 : I will pass
sweetheart66890 : maybe next time
sweetheart66890 : !
Deviation187 : ok, your choice...
Deviation187 : mind if i hack you right now, i have nothing better to do..
Deviation187 : i wont damage anything
sweetheart66890 : yes I mind
sweetheart66890 : this isn't my comp
Deviation187 : ill just snoop around your files... see what cha got and so on play around a bit
Deviation187 : but no deletions or anything

Deviation187 : is that ok, i wont damage a thing
sweetheart66890 : this isn't my comp
Deviation187 : oh, then you wouldnt mind
sweetheart66890 : I am @ work and I don't want you to fuck with it
Deviation187 : hey i can store porns, or some threats to your boss. get you fired.. haha that would be a blast
Deviation187 : but no wont do such a thing
sweetheart66890 has left the conversation.

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