This one is credited to Mtlhed, I just posted it for him..

PureMana1 : hey puto
PureMana1 : was ur problem ese
Weeman924 : nada homes
PureMana1 : well stop saying that shit
Weeman924 : nah dawg
PureMana1 : I aint a dog
PureMana1 : bitch
Weeman924 : aight foo
PureMana1 : let me see..
PureMana1 : u must be nigger
PureMana1 : right?
Weeman924 : nah man
Weeman924 : Yo soy hispano
PureMana1 : orale
PureMana1 : pues asi como hables
PureMana1 : i dont think so ese
Weeman924 : vete a la chingada
PureMana1 : wait...
PureMana1 : u must be a cholo then
Weeman924 : y porque dices eso?
PureMana1 : the way u speak
PureMana1 : like a cholo
PureMana1 : u know
Weeman924 : well I'm not.
Weeman924 : I was smart enough to not get involved with gangs.
PureMana1 : yeah sure
PureMana1 : ok ur a nerd
PureMana1 : then
Weeman924 : At least I'm still alive. And not 6 feet under like some people I know.
PureMana1 : ahh..
PureMana1 : true
Weeman924 : w0rd.
PureMana1 : ???
PureMana1 : what
Weeman924 : nada
PureMana1 : ill see
PureMana1 : later
PureMana1 : ese
Weeman924 : aight
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