oooh boy, heres another...

punx867 : stay away from my computer
Deviation187 : well i need to get your ip, and its easy as long as u stay in msn chat room..
Deviation187 : just real quick!
Deviation187 : dont leave
Deviation187 : i wont harm your computer
Deviation187 : btw, u block me, i wont just look, ill delete stuff..
punx867 : why do you need my Ip#
Deviation187 : so can get your location, and open a port to access your computer
Deviation187 : but that may talke a while to narrow it down to your port
punx867 : i'll can just turn my computer off and turn the surge off
Deviation187 : but you wouldnt, why would u get off just for what im doing, im not harming u
punx867 : i dont want you in my computer its invasion of privacy and i'm saving this conversation you know
Deviation187 : alright
punx867 : i'm gonna send it to msn directories too so they deactivate you
Deviation187 : hmmm they need actuall proof, words dont count
punx867 : Deviation187 : well i need to get your ip, and its easy as long as u stay in msn chat room..
punx867 : proof enough
Deviation187 : no, the wont buy that
punx867 : we'll see
Deviation187 : i can do the same thing. punx867: please go ahead and hack my computer
Deviation187 : see
Deviation187 : simple
punx867 : well i saved that too
punx867 : i'm saving it all
Deviation187 : cool, can i do it too! sounds like fun
Deviation187 : save save save!
Deviation187 : yay
Deviation187 : ok last chance to get off msn, i found the port and im ready to go in, im just gonna have a looky around...
Deviation187 : I just found your i.p on MSN. and the port is opened, better get in now before it crashes
Deviation187 : oooh COOL! so youre staying on
Deviation187 : thanx... more fun now
punx867 : i'm contacting msn officials right now
punx867 : i'm waiting for their email back
Deviation187 : ok...
Deviation187 : aww my friend thinks this is bad and i went too far...
Deviation187 : grr
Deviation187 : i dunno
Deviation187 : im ont even in yet!
punx867 : oh well
punx867 : i already sent in what you said
Deviation187 : k
Deviation187 : toodle ooo, tlak to u later, well ill "see" you later
punx867 : no you wont but msn officials will see you later
Deviation187 : alright...

This one all started when a friend of mine and I acted like i was hacking him, then she says why do u do that, and i said that she volunteered now, and she messaged me and the conversation started

this is sad... most of what i said I just made up haha... or changed around to make it obvious that i wasnt really hacking him, but he fell for it. eek what can the "officials" do to my btw? thats if he even sent an email. <img src=" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" />
<img src=" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" /> <img src=" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" />
"Hmm, they have the internet on computers now." - Homer Simpson