That's a really good point jon. I never really thought of it that way, more of a "there is no undo button" approach is what I had.

Kind of reminds me of how society says drugs aren't the answer but when they can't help you they just give you legal drugs to make you forget the problems.

I am still in favor of having a police figure in my school, but them being armed I am not sure about. The 2 SRO's at my school are nice guys, and they haven't done anything I wouldn't approve of, that I know of anyways. They don't hassle anyone or anything, just kind of walk around and hang out unless they are needed or until they see someone doing something wrong. Like I said, maybe my school still hasn't gotten as bad as some of yours.

I do think it is wrong to adjust your life to the possibility of danger. That is like letting kids that shoot up their schools steal part of your lifestyle, or terrorists, or snipers, all of them scaring people. The media (mostly the news systems) is a colossal whore and should take responsibility for most of the desensitizing and alot of the problems they blame on everyone else.

After jon's post, I am not sure what my stand is. But I do think my school's security and administration is fine, it could be better but this is good enough for me. Too many people in the world that don't want to really fix the problems I guess. intelligent post jon.