ya, the HTML/WebDesign topic is HUGE. We really should specialize on a specific area when giving a lecture. We don't want these things pages long. However, you may give a series of related lectures to cover an entire broad topic.

And as Scallion said - you may collaborate. More than one person can contribute with this series of lectures. Also, another way to collaborate is that several people submit their material to a single person who compiles it into a comprehensive lecture - again REMEMBER to keep a lecture from being too long - it encourages people to read it.

heh, and although it's not a requirement, I really hope the person who "publishes" a lecture has some english class background for writing structure.

And the votes should be done in polls. Otherwise, you just get a mess of opinion. And keep the topics in those polls specific. But I agree with Learner in how the lecture can be put into their proper forum until we get a dedicated forum. A dedicated forum is better cause we don't want to have to search for those lecture gems in the mass of a particular forum. We want it to be consolidated.
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