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Regulus Black is rumored to be RAB. Yes, it's RAB. :p
too true.
IT is indeed R.A.B.

I read the book and posted my undying approval on the recomended reading thread.
been waiting for AGES for u people to start a discussion. (didnt want to spoil it if others hadnt got a copy yet).

Well, heres my 2c:
Iv read the book 3 times so far. First time was to enjoy it.
Second time was to pick up literary flair and small tit-bits i may have overlooked(easy to miss witty remarks when ur so excited uv got book 6 in ur hands).
Third time was to disect the plot.
No, i do not have to much time on my hands, just something to do while when travelling to work on the train.

Although i want to hate snape, i cant.
because i cant help but think maybe snape DIDNT kill dumbledore.
If u read somewhere towards the middle of the book (il add exact pages and lines when i actually have the book on me) there was a comment where someone said they heard dumbledore arguing with snape that 'snape didnt want to go ahead with the plans anymore' and 'dumbledore had insisted he had no choice, he had already agreed to help'.
i believe that this has something to do with an ancient type of magic where DUMBLEDORE is thought to be dead but alive in another 'form' through which he will be able to help Harry ultimately.
i know, it seems far-fetched, but i somehow cant help but overlook ms. rowlings fondness for the lord of the rings:

  • Wormtail = Wormtongue

  • Voldemort cannot die unless the horcrux's are destroyed = sauron could not die unless the ring (a possible horcrux) was destroyed

  • Voldemort employs the use of evil creatures = sauron employs the use of orcs and goblins

  • The fate of the free world lies in the hands of harry (he is helped by ron and hermione) = the fate of middle earth lay in the hands of frodo (who was helped by sam and the fellowship)

and then we have:
Gandalf the Grey being ressurected as Gandalf the white... this Dumbledore may still be alive in some form.

Ghost, where did u read that RAB is rumored to be sirius's brother?
I admit, i came to the same conclusion after reading the letter in the locket, but there are quite a few points against this:

  • Regalus was said to be 'weak and not as gifted' as sirius.

So how can such a mediocre wizard discover voldemorts secret? A secret, need i remind u, not even those in the most inner circle of death eaters aware of. [reasoning: lucious didnt know the diary was a horcrux and dumbledore and harry deduced that voldemort is a very singular person having no intention of befriending those around him]

  • Regalus was honored above sirius in the house of Black.

Thus, he was known to adore the dark arts by his family. Why would someone who adored the dark arts want to stop voldemorts rise to power?

  • voldemort had regalus killed.

Sirius stated in The Order of the Phoenix that he wasnt important enough to be killed by voldemort himself. thus, even voldemort didnt hold a high opinion of his own death eater.

  • Sirius and Regalus do not have middle names

Il get the quote when i come online again, but in The Order of the Phoenix, when everyone was at grimmauld place, they had to clean the room full with doxies. afterwards sirius had shown harry the black family tree.
Rowling actually had Sirius speak in the first person and there is a direct quote of Sirius speaking of the members the tree. The thing is, u could tell Sirius was reading out loud from the tree, and he read out Regalus's full name. There was no middle name for Regalus, as there is no middle name for Sirius.

Another reason for me thinking Snape is wrongfully accused, is the fact that when harry chased him out of the grounds and the death eaters were willing to kill harry, snape had stepped in and instructed them that 'harry was for the dark lord'. When harry called snape a coward, rowling describes the scene as snape towering over harry, face contorted in what looked like fear and anguish and replied: 'DO NOT CALL ME A COWARD POTTER!'
Perhaps this means that Snape DID in fact do something great (something that only he and dumbledore knew off) and resented the fact that he was being called a coward.

Snape also stunned Prof. Flitwick. He could have killed him. He could have killed hermione. Instead he only stunned flitwick. could it not be to protect his fellow college from the carnage he knew would be happening downstairs?

There is only one thing in my theory that puts me off.
When snape arrived at the top of the tower, dumbledore was said to have shown the first sign of fear in his voice since the arrival of the death eaters.
could this be he was really hoodwinked by Snape?
I tend to follow my heart and rather think he showed this sign of fear because he wished for snape to go along with the plan.

All in all i think the book was the best read so far.
Rowling positions herself quite adequately for the final book.
The scene is set and all that remains is for the 'weighing of the wands'.
I advise board moderators to keep this topic open over the next year or so...
i simply cant wait!
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