I think he needed to die. Harry needs to toughen up a bit. He is still IMHO way to soft to face Lord Moldy shorts head on. He will have to thicken his hide so to speak. Plus I think he needs to get a bit more desparet to want to kill him. Sa far Harry has not "Killed" anyone. He just barely tryed at the end of book 6 with snape. But THBP curse was not even then his first curse. What did he try, like 10 smaller curses first? He just doesn't have the edge he needs yet.

I feel he will need a pool of hate and anger to draw upon when he faces Voldy. I am not say he will have to be filled with hate and anger, but have a pool to draw from. In OotP he tryed an unforgiveable curse on B. LeStrange and she said you need to want to hurt the person or something like that. In other words due to lack of hate it failed.

I wish this book had more Fred and George. For me, they made book 5 very fun. lol I'm Gred and this is Feorge. I still think Ron will bite it.

Ron must die next. Here is why. The centars said inocense will die first. What is most inocent in the books? Unicorns thats what. What does Rons wand have in it? A unicorn hair. Anything with unicorns has been dying throughout the books.

I am most curious who the new Head master will be. I find Mcgonagle lacks wisdom a head master should have. She after all did not trust Hagrid. Then again Dumbledore trusted Snape.

JK does not mess up much. Why Snape helped Harry so much in the other books to just switch now baffles me. He could have turned the other way so many times. Bah someone elses turn.
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