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Also, I want to add that Rowling established that there is no return from the killing curse in one of the previous books. I think she said this to avert speculation about the return of anyone whom she decided would need to be dead. I don't think Dumbledore is going to be coming back.
i never said dumbledore would come back as himself, but rather ANOTHER form of dumbledore has to manifest in the final book.
i was reading through the book again and also noticed that dumbledore had to do much research and travel far and wide (while also consulting with various texts and manuscripts) in order to retain the information he acquired about voldemort.
Anyone remember the fellowhip of the ring?
Did gandalf not have to go through a same process?
I just cant see dumbledore being gone for good.
It makes NO sense!
sirius, cedric, the potters...
Harry has already witnessed/experienced enough misery in his life.
I just dnt think rowling can think to get rid of dumbledore completely.
Ghost, i dnt know what copy of the book u have, but im holding mine in my hand right now (first edition, bloomsbury, and i purchased it from Harrods, London (english version - not u.s).
i DO NOT see a chapter marked Unbreakable Vows. Its is a vow and is not in the plural form. Although if it were in the plural form it would only re-inforce my belief that perhaps the other vow was between dumbledore and snape.

Page 336 (Hard Copy) THBP (Lines 14 - 19)
'I have been tolerant enough to answer that question already,' said Dumbledore, but he did not sound very tolerant any more. 'My answer has not changed.'
'I should think not,' said a snide voice; Phineas Nigellus was evidently only pretending to be asleep. Dumbledore ignored him.
This shows that the reason dumbledore trusts snape is much more complex than him just coming over to the side of the order. it HAS to be something that was discussed in dumbledores office, in private.

some may argue that towards the end of the book, dumbledore leads harry to believe (or harry deduces this under his own brain power) that the reason dumbledore trusts snape is because he came over to the side of the order while voldemort was in power.
snape had confessed to telling voldemort about part of the prophecy.
BUT harrys folks were killed shortly after the prophecy, thus voldemort lost all his powers. SO HOW COULD SNAPE HAVE ENDANGERED HIS LIFE?
there is more to snape than dumbledore led on.

Page 513 (Hard Copy) THBP, Lines (8 - 14)
'But he's a very good Occulumens, isnt he, sir?' said Harry, whose voice was shaking with effort of keeping it steady. 'And isnt Voldemort convinced that Snape's on his side, even now?' Professor... how can you be sure Snape's on our side?'
Dumbledore did not speak for a moment; he looked as though he was trying to make up his mind about something
At last he said, 'I am sure. I trust Severus Snape completely.'
The thing dumbledore was trying to make up his mind about was NOT whether Harry had a point. For dumbledore would have spent thousands of hours on his own contemplating this very question. Dumbledore, i believe, was deciding on whether or not to tell Harry the real reason to HOW Snape had proved himself.

we, the readers. have loathed snape since the very first novel.
we, the readers have been proven wrong since the first novel.
to quote lupin:
'It all comes down to whether or not you trust dumbledores judgement. I do, therefore i trust snape.'

Sintax, although i see the logic behind your argument (and cannot dismiss the fact that since we are speculating about the plot development, u could be just as right as i), i just cant see Harry beating voldemort using the killing curse.
Harry, dumbledore has acknowledged, is gifted with a most powerful type of magic: 'Love'.
I believe, when it comes down to it, it is this 'love' that is going to aid harry in defeating voldemort rather than a reserve of hatred.

Using your theory on unicorns, neville longbottoms gran also purchased him a new wand after the ordeal at the ministry.
his wand, yes, u guessed it, has the 'hair of a unicorn' as its core.
I believe rowling was more literal when she reffered to the death of innocence:
Cedric Diggory.
The Goblet of Fire was was the begining of voldemorts rise to power once again.
Cedric Diggory represented the youth of Hogwarts.
Youth is innocence.

Lastly, i DO NOT THINK even for a second, that Harry will kill anyone. When we learnt about horcruxes, dumbledore states that voldemort underestimated the value of a whole, unblemished soul. This, i believe will be harrys greatest strength.
For if he were to kill voldemort, he would rip his soul in two, contradicting the great power of 'love' (yes i know it sounds corny) he has within himself.

i still stick to my idea that snape (apart from being a prat) is on our side.
I look forward (this is sincere, NOT a sarcastic remark) to you trying to prove me otherwise.
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