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Dumbledore has to come back, harry is too dumb to do it him slef with or with out his friends.
i admit, that wasnt one of my theories for why dumbledore should return (but it ties in nicely with the lord of the rings, YET AGAIN. gandalf had to return cos the fellowship needed him).
although im inclined to think that harry, ronald and hermione arent smart enough to figure out the WHOLE picture by themselves (they suspected snape instead of quirrel in book1, they thought malfoy was the heir in book 2, they thought sirius was guilty in book 3, they suspected ludo bagman in book 4 and harry was easily fooled in book 5), you must admit ms. rowling has artfully added to harrys powers of deduction in THBP.
harry had believed from the start that malfoy was a death eater, he deduced that malfoy had the 'other object' on school grounds and he figured out crabe and goyle were using polyjuice potion.
He seemed to know what was happening all the time.

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I think JK is making these up as she goes. within the context of the privius books.
i beg to differ with u there AMD/Geforce. there are things in the first book that tie in quite neatly with THBP. for instance, the reason why dumbledore left harry on the doorstep of his last remaining relatives. In the first book hagrid arrived with a flying motorcycle. This, rowling explains belonged to sirius in book 3.
the fact that harry could speak to snakes wasnt even known by the students at hogwarts (or perhaps even dumbledore himself) until book 2.
when writing a fictional/fantasy novel, u are always in danger of stuffing up the novel due to the fact that all rules, guidelines and explanations depend solely on the author.
Authors like Terry Pratchet, Tolkien and now, Ms. Rowling have a gift where they already have their entire world in their heads already.
They just have the story tucked away.
all they need is to only transfer it to paper.

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does any one think ginnys going to come back in to play in the next book, some how. there just wasnt enough detail in it. its not like JK to have lack of detail. Just a guess
theres two answers here:

1. yes, ginny has to play a role in the next novel simply because everyone has to go back to the weasleys for bill and fleurs wedding. ginny (along with fleurs sister, gabrielle) are bridemaids. (incidently, i have a hunch hermione may make bridesmaid too)
so yes, we will see ginny in the not too distant future, however small part a role she plays, i do not know.

2. when u speak of detail, i think ur referring to plot detail (as opposed to character richness or surrounding environment detail). Ms. Rowling does in fact, skimp on much of the plot detail, so i have to disagree with u again.
Take into consideration, harry had to wait (thus, so did we) for 5years at hogwarts until he (and us) managed to learn about the prophecy and why his scar used to hurt.
Rowling, like any good novelist, feeds her readers scraps throughout the novel/series and only at certain orgasmic intervals are we given bursts of information.
In regards to surrounding environment detail, i for one, believe ms. rowling has done a remarkable job in sharing her world with us.
And lastly, in regards to character richness, the fact that i can cringe wen Ron has eaten a choclate cauldron that has a love potion inside it or gasp at the 'death' of dumbledore shows that we, the readers are closer to the characters than even we think. It shows that they are no longer characters, but rather friends.

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I really hope we don't have to wait for 2 years again.(not that it wasn't well worth it.(thats an under statement.)
sadly, i think we will.
but just like with StarWars: Revenge of the Sith, i have the utmost confidence that Ms. Rowling will not only present us with her best piece yet, but all our questions will be answered.

ta for the post btw.
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