Okay this guy....

First off many of you know I am not beyond violence. I am for true anarchy (not blowing crap up but instead not having da man tell me what I can and can't do) Violence has it's place.

Without violence we the U.S. would still be under British/Spanish/French rule.

Without violence we might still have slavery (Yes I know the civil war was not about slavery, however slaves fought and earned some freedom and respect)

Without violence other violence goes without consequese.

Back to the sniper. Now say this person wants to stop gas consupmtion (seems to favor gass station shootings) fine. People don't listen. Death scares people. I don't agree with the means but I can see a crazy kind of logic there.

The bastard shot a kid. 13 year old kid, blew his back out. He is fireing basicaly an M-16. Same rounds. Must be using a scop.

The day he shot the kid he left the death tarrot card with a note on it.

"Hello Mr. police officer, I am God"

This fucker shot a inocent kid. He kills about 5 a week. 2 weeks now he has not killed or tryed on the weekend. This tells me he has

a.) a Family
b.) A brain and knows more traffic on the weekend
c.) something preventing him.

He undertands one shot and leave. He only takes one shot then bails. This tells me he is trained somehow. Most people would take a second shot if the first isn't fatal. He has a spoter to confirm kills. The news. More on that.

He has the ability to make a sht in a crowded area and escape without anyone seeing..... A couple people have lived, He is shooting center mass. That is both what hunters and soldier do. Snipers take head shots. Pro's take 2 shots. one head one center mass.

Now with the news. This guy is not your typical postal worker. What I mean is he is playing chess. He makes a move, watches the board (news). Then he makes adjustments. The news says he will not venture outside a certain mile radius. Next day a person is shot outside that radius.

To target kids and unknowing bystandars.. That is a coward. One man was talking to his wife in the car at the passenger window. She saw his chest explode onto her and the car. The kid was at school. That means he targeted a school. And Goddamnit he just shot a woman in Fairfax Va.

I just found out. If he makes it to the weekend watch. He will not kill on Saturday or Sunday. I find this to be a major clue.....