huh, damn interesting learner..

i really think you made a somekinda logic outta this all, i mean he really seems like playing chess, he must have some way or something about how he choses his VICTIMS right ??? He's probably not after revenge to someone or anything as i can tell by your post, but i think he's mad as hell about something or he's tryin to prove something.
He must be a Pro or something or maybe ex-soldier, ex-cia or dunno... or somekinda killa.

One thing i can say for sure is that this guy has no fucking Mercy. to kill a 13 years old kid ? ohh damn that's so fuckin terrible. And yeah i think you made a really good point when you said that he watches the news and makes adjustments, thats probably what he does, he goes kinda STEP by STEP. I think that in the end of this all we'll just have one crazy motherfucker and the police will say that he's a serial killer and blla blla shit like that. He ain't doin this for funn probably, it just doesn't make any sense.

Btw, as these kinda peoples usually do, he probably has a way to choose his next victims, he shot kids, a man and so on... hmmm this makes me think a lot.

The motherfucker is after kids, the police should be more around schools and shit, but since he' shots from sniper and he's damn good.. i really dunno what the hell is gonna happen. But this for sure got me interested so please learner keep me notified about this whole thing ok.. i really wanna know what happens later.

P.S. Snipers fascinate me... i'm crazy about them, if i had one i'd maybe become like the guy we're talkin about !!! (but never shoot kids).

why kids dammnit, why is he shooting kids ?

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