damn i'm still reading it .. it's so interesting.

yeah you're right that why i said that he could be a seriall killer but serial killers do have a common tie between all their victims as you said.

awww i didn't know he also killed women and so on.. i thought he was only after kids.

hmm i thin he's choosin some places with big traffic, peoples and so on from which the can escape faster, and yeah it'd damn wired how he gets without anyone seing him or anything huh.

He maybe has a driver or something waitting for him, some stunt driver maybe or someone who's hell good at it, or maybe he does everything himself... yeah probably himself !!!.

This guys seems like to be ready for everything and anything, i think he's like tooo sure you know what i mean ? he has it all planed just perfectly so now he just does his thang.

P.S. Are you saying that he is using a silencer for the sniper or no ?

and yeah you said he left a message once, does he leaves messages everytime or sometimes or he left it just once.. or what ?

i think he's hell a Pro
+^Born Intelligence