holy shit, in CNN i found lots more as you said learner... damn it's interesting...

btw: i read that the boy is dead anyway...

Listen now some of my own fuckin theories.

I was looking at the
Interactive: The Sniper's Trail

in the CNN website, and i found some interesting things, i was checking in the maps and reading about the victims who they were and how it happen tryin to get to some point...

He isn't choosin they're victims from the same place, profesion or something, one of em was a program analyst, the other one a carpetner, the other one a cab driver... and so on.. it doesn't make any sense, but there IS something that makes sense .. listen..

If you read good you'll realise that most of his shots happen when the victims were in the parking lots or filling up cas or something, i could read that about 5 of em were shot to death while doing such things, i mean they were near the gas stations or so when they got shot. So this would be correct if his next victim is shot near the gas station again ... gotta wait and see.

and one more terrible thing..

Could this guy maybe be a member of AL QAEDA ?

i hope he's anyone else but a member of that, that would be really terrible, coz this all seems like a revenge in innocent people, AL QAEDA did this once so i would't be surprised if they do it againt, damnn... it's so fucken interesting..

gotta read up more.

later learner
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