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There are theories about AL QAEDA but dosen't seem thiere style. They usaly attack many people at once to cause terror. This is too.... slow and puney to be thier style.

I think this is a Hunter that wanted to hunt bigger game. Or something along those lines.
hell yeah man

btw we don't know yet, it could be AL QAEDA, this doesn't seems as their style fo far but i mean they fuckin terrosists, they changes styles every day if they want...

I think you're right about the silencer, but since the police says SNIPER he was probably using a sniper or maybe another weapon but no evidence yet.

maybe he wants a bigger game but damn this is kinda funny.. HUNTING PEOPLES lol. This guys is just a crazy motherfucker lookin for some funn.

Still lots more to come.

i just hope they'll get him before he kills more innocent people.

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