First of all, I think pretty much anyone who kills when it is not out of necessity, has a type of Christ complex. Come on, it is only natural to get an adrenaline rush and feel like God. It is about as close as one can come. So I don't think that is a big deal.

I believe there are two. Sounds like there is a driver in a cream colored van/truck. I am sure he must signal to the shooter. They also think they alternate.

Odd thing. They found a van fitting the description. They find a rifle, ammo same as sniper, sniper manual, tarot card, a sign that's message hasn't been made public, and a sign on dashboard saying "Gihad in America" (Think means holy war). And they say it isn't the guy. Sounds like the guy to me or atleast one of the guys. However there was an incident that took place while this guy was being questioned. So perhaps the 2nd guy acted alone?

If he gets caught it will be
1] on his own terms
2] coincidence(see Ted Bundy)

I am sure he must communicate somehow with the driver to know when is a good time to take a shot and who. So the police should be attempting to figure out how this is done. Unfortunately no matter how they communication, its too large a radius to realistically monitor.

I think he scouts locations and doesn't plan on victims. Its just whoever happens to be their during his window of opportunity.

He knows enough to know that if you have a pattern, it will lead to you getting caught, so he is trying to mix it up also. He doesn't care. A life taken is a life taken.

Obvious he is sick b/c he shot the child in front of the person dropping him off. I believe he did this on purpose and he felt more powerful by taking a kids life. And his latest dealt with shooting a woman while her husband was less than 3 feet away. So I expect children and women to become his targets from now on probably.