man o man

"Gihad in America" << if it's correct this thing that you said, that i'm telling you the situation will be fucked up, Gihad i heard this word somewhere, i know it pretty good from somewhere i just can't recall in the moment damn, but i'm sure that's something related to avaganistan and so on.. i told ya guys, AL QAEDA slept it's fingers in whole this deal, the guy is problably one of em, or i hell dunno. i'll search a bit.

You said they found the rifle, a van that fits the description, some ammo and so on, he could maybe leave fingerprints or maybe no...

i'm sure police knows how to do this better than us, that's for sure, all we can do here is talk, suggest, think of possiable theories that might lead to something.

I don't know about women but as i said above too, i think he's after kids, lets wait till his next target which i truly hope there wont be any.

Damn, how can peoples do things like this !!!.


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