check it out people....this shit actually affects me. i live all of 12 miles away from DC, the last guy killed was at the Home Depo a couple miles away. its crazy as hell. everybody is all freaked out and edgy. (i was right) 10 shot, 8 dead, 2 seriously wounded. hes soposidly driving around in either a chevy white astro van with west VA tags or a white box truck. i think 2, maybe 3 kills ago a cop was near by givving some guy a ticket and the cop hear the shot and saw the person fall all of 50 yds away from him. hes starting to get sloppy. still no one saw the killer but people have seen the astro van at many of the killings. many major highways have been shut down for miles and DC already had one of the worst traffic situations in the country. the cops were getting hundreds of calls yesterday every time a car back fired or a window broke. people are saying that there are 2 people, one shooting, one driving. odds are that there going to go down fighting. theres what i know, from someone in the neiborhood. half the people killed have been at places i have been to before.

if this continues, there going to cancel my schools football season, last game was canceled because of it.