lets not get stuck on the fact that he shot a kid, to turn this lets look at all the incidents of children commiting murders and such

he's just saying, that regardless of race, age, or sex you could be a target.

now lets also not get hung up on the fact that these people could be nice or that they're kids or whatever. I keep seeing these people sobbing on tv about how some guy that took one to the kidneys was such a nice guy...blah blah blah shut up!

I mean honestly, HE'S PICKING THEM AT RANDOM he doesn't care how high your karma is, you get in his crosshairs you die. End of story. Media's just hungry for sound bites

also, his records pretty decent, he's like 13 shots, 9 kills, 3 wounded or something

1 shot went into a window, 9 kills and then 3 wounded

13/9/3 is a pretty decent record if you ask me

now to learners comment about a scope, so far he's been hitting people at like 150yrds

now with a .223 you could probably do that open sights with a spoter, and being a decent shot...that would explain why he's taking body mass shots

oh, and last night he got a women in the head, moving target

I'm not really convinced it's Al-Quida, in fact I hope it's not...Bush and his Thugs could jump right on gun control bullshit if it was

But lets consider the posiblity of Al-Quida, could this be the next step in their plan? Snipers in range of the major cities around our country? doesn't seem like a bad idea to me....

the logic of the gas stations could make sense, but I think the idea that they're standing there for some time makes more sense. Just like the women he got on the bench

Members of the Guardian Angels and the New Black Panther Party are on the pump patrol this morning. Members of the volunteer public safety organization are pumping gas at stations near the beltway off Route 1. Four of the 10 sniper attacks have taken place at gas stations located within feet of an interstate or major roadway.


anyway, all in all I'm kinda in awe of this guy, finaly a serial killer that doesn't just muder in some sloppy, messy way, then hit as many and as fast as he can...get his serial killer title and then get caught

he's playing it quite well, watching his ass, and watching the media work for him...."loose lips sink ships"
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