I seriously doubt it is a he as much as a them. To clear out this many times this soon he has to have help. I agree it is random. The kid leads me to think it is noe Al-Quida. Reason is killing kids will not help thier cause.

Al-Quida claim to represent a religious world. Killing kids would do nothing but pull support away from that. Now I know kids died on 9/11 but they didn't target them. Ever hear of a terrorist targeting a school? How much security is in a school. It would be an easy target.

I agree more gun controll will probably come out of this... Shame realy. Another thing about Al-Quida is I think we would have heard something by now. I mean they usally claim thier work. Even if subtle. Like see what happens to infedles.

I doubt they would claim to be god. Of course I'm sure I could be wrong. I am stuck on the kid because he went out of his way to target a kid. He was targeting a school...