As for the sloppiness of a cop being right there, I am sure that was intentional. There was also a cop present by the Home Depot shooting. He is looking for a higher thrill. That is why I suggested kids and women. Now he may not target them, but he will surely try to up the adrenaline rush. I don't know how much more he can do before it controls him.

Seriously how long can he increase the rush he gets by using just one bullet and one person.

Also, I wasn't sure where the Tarot card was placed, but it was evidently very close to near where the boy was shot. Yet another example of needing a bigger rush.

Also the Home Depot intersection was supposed to be one of the busiest in that area.

May sound sick, but I am very interested to see how this "sniper" ups the ante.

Bush commented that no new gun laws will become of this.

The president also questions the need for new gun laws in general, Fleischer added.

"How many laws can we really have to stop crime if people are determined in their heart to violate them no matter how many there are or what they say?" he asked.