$500,000 reward on his head! damn. lady killed yesterday has been confirmed his victim. 9 dead, 2 wounded.

i gotta disagree with you TBG. I think hes gotten into this so much that theres no way hes just going to let it end. when they catch him, and they will catch him unless he stops killing,and we all know that will not happen, he will kill as many cops as possible before they kill him. hes gonna go down fighting.

interesting facts about his random victims: lady killed survived cancer...you cant excape death. she was also involved with the FBI and she was shot in a stationarry car. a black guy killed had 6 children, one of which was albino. so hes a really really white black guy. "see that freckle? thats my real skin color. really I'm black. what, you dont believe me?"

They now have 2 descriptions of the killers van, one is a chevy astro van with a roof rack and a brocken left tail light, the other is a dodge van with a roof rack

I was over by 7 corners(place of most recent killing) on saturday....im there all the time