and i hell agree with you ohfuk, he's in deep shit by now, and he probably ain't even thinking about giving up.

damn i'm just still thinking to come to a close conclusion about this guy or something, too many theories, i don't know, but most of his victims are killed in standing position i think, and most of em close or in their cars. But one thing i don't undestand is, why kids damn, why kids ?

Now lots of people everywhere are making lots of good theories and analysis about this case but still there isn't so much stuff to lead to the serial killer.

And now i'm wondering, in the beggining he just left a note, than he was leaving no evidence and now he start leaving em, well maybe as TBG said he's trying to make the case more existing. But hell yeah now i'm really convinced that someone is helping him, even if not in killing, probably on escaping or something (i'd say the van he's using is the dodge one with a roof rack ohfuk).

What do you think guys, does he have a specail method or something to choose his victims or he just gets out for hunting and shots the first one he sees ? i think he has a way or something how he selects his next victims... what do u think ?

Last nite i saw a movie pretty much like this one, there was this fucking crazy serial killer, he was killings women, he was choosin his victims by bussiness cards and the motherfucker than killed them, after he killed em he was dressing them pretty good to make em look like someone dunno old special dolls, and he was leaving them in parks and so on in a sitting position, the motherfucker was trying to transform them to his favourite dolls, damn such crazy shits ...

well i kinda got outta topic, sorry for that.

see ya

P.S. hope they'll get this motherfucker soon.

oh and yes, ohfuk if i were in your place man i'd get the fuck outta there, 7 corners away, are you fuckin crazy ???
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